I am about to board a flight for North Carolina – three flights actually. I will be attending meetings with Asian Access and SIM. Then two short days with my family in New Jersey.
I would love your prayers for my travels, but especially for Eric and the kids at home. Annie has been home for two days with a fever, and right after I got out of the car to catch the bus, she got sick. She seems to be feeling better now. We have a number of friends who are watching the kids when Eric has to teach, so I’m praying all will go smoothly.
I have packed probably five too many books- hoping to do a year’s quota of reading. It’s been a long time since I’ve flown without children! I already miss them a ton, but my prayer is that this week brings perspective and good fellowship and collaboration.


One thought on “Travels

  1. Praying for safe travels and an enjoyable flight. Yes, flying without kids and getting a chance to read – what a joy!! Hope you get to catch up on your year’s worth of reading in your transpacific and transcontinental flights!

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