2007 Summer Family Photos

Here are some recent photos of the kids for family and friends far away:


The other night we had special rules for strawberry and cream dessert: no utensils; no hands! Here are the results:


Fun at the park:


Enjoying spaghetti:


Annie in her favorite Pooh outfit:


Eric loving his new birthday jeans from New Jersey:

Annie recently had her first dentist visit after complaining of owwie teeth (no cavities – just seems to be growing pains). Here she is at her visit, and then after she came home, she and Owen went to work on our friend Bobby:


Olivia: already a phone in one hand, hairbrush in the other:


The kids and Molly at the park yesterday (Owen is with his best school buddy, Sousuke)


One thought on “2007 Summer Family Photos

  1. sue,

    would you send me email copies of the first picture with o & a and the 5th one down that is sepia of o & o? the one of the 3 on the slide is ironed on to a sweatshirt i wear a lot.


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