Two Year Anniversary: Special Quiz and Prize

It has been two years since I first started this blog.  It’s not a huge deal, except that when I hesitantly started blogging I told myself I would just try it for a few months.  I had a number of friends who started and fizzled.  I didn’t want to be a fizzler;  nor did I want to promise something I couldn’t carry through on. 237 entries later, it’s become a new habit that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

At first it was something I wanted to do for me — it was a learning project and new adventure.  But  I realized it was a neat way I could share about our family’s life as missionaries with people who are with us on this journey.  I have been so touched time and time again by your comments, emails, and words. So often just when I needed them!  We have been surprised by the people who tell us they read this blog faithfully.  And pray for us more specifically.  Thanks.  It has helped us feel closer to you because you have chosen to walk with us as we serve Jesus in Sanda.  Even as the entries reflect, we do not serve as perfect missionaries;  but this blog has helped us to share the ups and the downs, our joys and our dreams, all the realities with you.  And hopefully it has allowed you to know more fully the Hope that we have in our Savior and what He is doing right here in our neck of the woods.

To celebrate two years of blogs and those of you who have been willing to bookmark and read us faithfully, here is a quiz.  The winner will receive in the mail the following fun Japanese gifts (only non-Japan residents, please)…


Here’s the quiz — you’re welcome to research if you have the heart:

1.  When my friend N.’s pet died, it opened the door for ministry.  What kind of pet was it?

2.  What kitchen item represented growing friendship for me with Japanese women friends in our neighborhood?

3.  What sign did God give me when we were camping that He will provide a new home for us? (We’re still waiting, but still trusting in His sweet promise!)

4.  What food item birthday cake did I make for two friends’ birthdays because it is their favorite comfort food?

5.  Where did Annie hide at Kindergarten her first month or so because she couldn’t understand what was going on?

You can post your answers or email me – I’ll post the answers when there is a winner!

Even just reviewing these past two years of blogging has reminded me again of the wonderful faithfulness of our God!  He has traveled many miles, to many places with us;  He has resided with us over many conversations, coffee times, classes, dinner table discussions, and bike trips  to and from school;  He has faithfully shown us more of Himself and more of what He wants to do in our lives;  He has healed, disciplined, taught, transformed.  “I know it is not the sense of His presence, it is the act of His presence that is our strength and stay.”  (Amy Carmiachael in Gold by Moonlight).  This year my theme verse is Exodus 33:14:  “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  Here’s to His presence, my strength and stay.



4 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary: Special Quiz and Prize

  1. Hey Sue, I enjoy keeping up with you on the blog… Wish I had the knowledge to weigh in on the quiz but I’ll have to leave that to others. Congrats on two years!

  2. Sue,
    As one a little “older” in blogging (well, in years too!) thank you for sharing your life this way. It has been fun to keep up with you and the family. There have been many times where what you’ve shared has been used by God to open my eyes, or challenge my faith. So THANKS! And I am not eligible for the quiz–I’ll leave that for your dear following!


  3. Well, Sue, in honor of your two-year anniversary, I read your very first post. In it you said that your blog would not be profound, but I beg to differ! In fact, it might just be the most profound blog I follow…blows John Piper out of the water most days. I mean it! This is theology at it’s best. xo

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