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Here is a link to a message Eric gave recently in New Jersey on our ministry and method of evangelism, as well as  the talk I gave at our New Jersey church’s ladies christmas tea.  It is about 30 minutes long.  The theme is our image of God, and God’s passionate love for us.  When you have a half-hour, you can listen to what has been on my heart the past few months.
Click here and scroll down to the “This Week’s Audio” and choose one of the two talks listed there.


One thought on “Recent Messages

  1. Hello Sue-Sensei! こんにちは。
    Thank you for your teaching. We had a good time yesterday,too.
    Are you enjoying Kazue-san’s book?
    Today I talked a man, which he is teaching Nameress Movement.
    His name is Kenji Watanabe. He lives in sizuoka, but next week his family is going to move Nagoya! Wow.
    Do you know him? He is over 60’s. And He also knew Haruna-san,too!
    World is very small some times.
    Any way I am enjoying your class! Thank you!
    Have a wonderfull week. May God bless you. (^_^)/
    Eiji watanabe

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