Spring Family Videos 2007

Here are a few recent video clips from our kids:

Some entertainment from Owen’s kindergarten class:

We have been doing “Bible time” with our children in the mornings, where we read a children’s bible story and work on Scripture memory. After successfully memorizing six unrelated verses, we decided to work on a whole chapter. Six weeks later, Owen had it down, and Annie — well, almost! (Owen was having some eye allergies when Annie was reciting). She now can say it as well as her brother.
Both videos were taken in April.

Two years ago, Eric made a great bed for Owen that could eventually become a trundle bed. We recently bought a roll-away bed that fits under it (when being stored) for Annie to use. Here’s a video of when they first saw the beds together. (Yes, that really is the size of Owen’s room.)

Owen’s first baseball attempts:


4 thoughts on “Spring Family Videos 2007

  1. hey sue!! i LOVED the video clips on your new blog. i marvel at owen memorizing the entire chapter and am inspired to begin our own bible memory. we MISSSSSS you all!!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Being able to see you and the kids, watch some of the kids’ special moments, see where you live…isn’t technology WONDERFUL?!!!!!!

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