God of our City: 2010 video

View our latest five-minute video by clicking here:

We are excited by what God is doing!

4 thoughts on “God of our City: 2010 video

  1. what an encouragement taks!!! i love your video and am motivated to find the smoking section here in torrance. we love you.

  2. Sue and Eric, I pray for you as you continue to do what God has called you to do. I see so much purpose, and I know God is pleased that you have taken your gifts and are sharing and enabling the people of Sanda and others in Japan to see God in you. I heard a sermon just today of a Mary, Mary song entitled “It’s the God in me”. It is the God in you that makes you be the compassionate, loving, caring, passionate people that you are.
    WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE PEOPLE. God loves you, and I love you too! Keep the faith! LaDonna Polk

  3. God bless you for the work you are doing. Your video is great and in a very concise way shows the impact you are having on your community. Thanks to Joe Handley for linking to your site.

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