The Iron Did Swim

Just before dinner, a friend sent me an email that said, “Hi Sue, You’ve been on my mind for some reason today so I’ve been praying for you.  Hope you’re ok….”

It made me happy, but I thought –I’m completely fine – having a good day, got a lot accomplished…

Then the email came.  And another one shortly after that.  Both unrelated, but  concerning our move up north in two months.  Both very discouraging and disheartening. One evoked anger; the other fear.   Eric came home from teaching a class, and we were trying to process both things in the kitchen and over a late dinner while having a family movie night. We both came to the same conclusion:  We have to pray!

While trying to enter into the Ponyo movie (it is really delightful!), my mind kept whirling with so many thoughts.  I went back to re-read one of the emails (really not a good idea!)and my eye caught the devotional that had just come into my Inbox from my favorite, Charles Spurgeon.  I knew I had to read it.  The title verse caught my attention.  It is on one of the miracles of Elisha, in which God caused an axehead to rise to the top of the water in response to the faith of this one man.

“The iron did swim.”
2 Kings 6:6

The axe-head seemed hopelessly lost, and as it was borrowed, the honour of the prophetic band was likely to be imperilled, and so the name of their God to be compromised. Contrary to all expectation, the iron was made to mount from the depth of the stream and to swim; for things impossible with man are possible with God…

Beloved reader, what is thy desperate case? What heavy matter hast thou in hand this evening? Bring it hither. The God of the prophets lives, and lives to help his saints. He will not suffer thee to lack any good thing. Believe thou in the Lord of hosts! Approach him pleading the name of Jesus, and the iron shall swim; thou too shalt see the finger of God working marvels for his people. According to thy faith be it unto thee, and yet again the iron shall swim.

My heart is so encouraged again to remember Who I am following.  It is the same God of the prophets, who “lives to help his saints.”  Earlier this week as I set aside some time to focus on praying and fasting about a home in Ishinomaki, I was convicted of my praying to try and convince God of what I thought we needed (a house NOW!).   I realized that I was trying to control God – how absurd!  He does not need my opinion on timing or what our children need.  As it says above – “He will not suffer thee to lack any good thing.”  As I prayed and surrendered again my will to Him, He brought tremendous peace and freedom to trust Him.

This week — tonight! —  I really don’t know what God is doing, but I believe in a God who can make axes to swim; who works contrary to all expectations;  who has over and over again proved himself true.  I can’t wait to see how He answers.


2 thoughts on “The Iron Did Swim

  1. You are right Sue…The Iron rose to the surface and floated, because that is what our Father wanted. Just settled into the new location and have been reflecting on how HE has quietly set things up and brought the many pieces together to bring me to this place. The needs are being met..they will be for you, Eric, Ian and Owen, Olivia and Annie too. “Be still and know that I am God” sorry don’t remember the reference but it is a verse that stays with me all the time and reminds me that this is HIS world…He will work HIS will. Be at peace…beat Shalom.

    Blessings to you ALL.

  2. Open futures and uncertainties are always so unsettling for us! Thank you for sharing, both your challenges and your perspective. The Lord will provide exactly what you need, I have no doubt and that’s what I am praying for.
    Love and blessings!

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