Marriage Questions

One of the traditions that Eric and I try to do sometime around Valentine’s day is to go out to dinner (our favorite restaurant around here is an Italian one called Dolce Moscato) and spend some time answering the questions listed below. Usually I’ll print them out, cut them into individual question strips. and put them in an envelope. While we eat or drink coffee afterwards, we’ll take turns drawing a question and answering it. We have found each year this has been a great way to reflect on what has been good in our marriage and family, and specific areas that we can work on.

This year we went out several days after Valentine’s Day, and found these questions again really helpful. Eric suggested that others might benefit from these questions, as well. Feel free to copy and use these… Valentine’s Day might be over, but it’s never too late for a good date night. Hopefully this blog site will still be around in the future for anniversaries next year Valentine’s when you could find it again if you choose.


1. My favorite memory with (child’s name) so far is….
2. My favorite Christmas memory together is

3. I like it when you ________, and I hope you do more of that this year!
4. The one thing I think our marriage needs is:
5. The love language that I’d love to receive more of right now in my life is:

6. These next few months, could you pray that God would make me more _______?

7. I want people to say this about our marriage:

8. I like it that our home is:

9. I love it when you:

10. The quality I think I need to work in my self is:

11. One time when you really came through for me was:

12. I think if we had a session with (counselor’s name) he/she would suggest that we work on:

13. Spiritually I’d like it if we:

14. One of the things I’ve come to love more about you since we’ve been in (location name) is:

15. One of the things I’ve come to love more about you since (child’s name) has come is:

One of the best things we’ve ever done together as a couple is:

One way I think God could grow our marriage is if:

What would you like to see the title of a book about our marriage be called?
What’s something I can do to improve our marriage?

One thing that I can do to improve our marriage is:

I’d like to make _____________ more a part of our marriage.

Now that we have (number) children, I’ve realized more that I want us to ______________.

One prayer request I have for our marriage is:

I think other people admire this about you:

One of the ways you’ve really blessed me recently is when you:

I’m so glad that God made you ___________________.

Something we can incorporate into our weekly schedule more is:

I’m so lucky to have you because:

My favorite memory with (child #2’s name) so far is….

My favorite memory with (child #3’s name) so far is….


One thought on “Marriage Questions

  1. HI Sue,
    I really think those questions are amazing. You seem to have such a blessed marriage. 🙂
    It looks like I’ll be in Japan April 1st-ish…so you’re going to be coming back to the US in June? I’d love to come see you in April or May if possible.
    -Danielle Guevara

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