God’s Guidance

Just a short entry today that may be good timing for someone.

One of my missionary heroines is Isobel Kuhn, who served with her family in China in the mid-twentieth century to the Lisu people.  I love reading and re-reading her life, as it reminds me of the importance of intimacy with God — drawing close to God and listening to His voice.

In the early 1950s, as the Communists where taking over China and coming towards their province, Isobel was warned to escape while she could.  Most other foreigners had already left the country.  Her husband John was on a ministry trip.  She wrote:  “I was ready to flee in every respect but two.  The lord had not told me to go.  And I did not like to go without seeing John again… the flesh loves excitement.  It is always ready to jump up and run somewhere!  It pushes and hurries us into action.  The Holy Spirit does not.  He is from the God of peace and His directions are always on time.”

One writer says of this decision:  “Not only did Isobel stay, but when John unexpectedly returned from his trip, they held the last of their Rainy Season Bible Schools in spite of Communists roaming the area.  Each weekend, as the students evangelized in neighboring villages, hundreds converted to the Lord.”

Isobel wrote:  “Sometimes His door opens only for a very short period, and if one is not fully ready to enter in, it will close perhaps permanently.”

China closed its door to foreigners shortly after that, and the Kuhns were forced to return to the United States.  What a difference it made that she listened to God’s guidance!

Isobel died relatively young from cancer caused by an accident on the mission field.  She wrote this to her brother near the end of her life:  “my own life has been too full of faults and failures to be worth anything … I am so grateful He led me to Himself when I was young so that I could have this long earthly walk with Him. I recommend Him as a peerless Master.”

Me too.


One thought on “God’s Guidance

  1. Thank you, Sue, for this entry.
    I know all too well, these days, the pull of the anxious flesh, and the hush of the Lord’s Spirit. This is a lesson that I can never seem to learn fully and completely. *sigh* “He is the God of peace, and His directions are always on time.”
    Thanks again.

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