God’s timing is ever- so sweet… after praying last night with each of my children for His will and plan to prevail in each of their lives, tonight Eric and I had the privilege of joining Owen as he prayed to give his life to Jesus.  We have seen God at work in his heart this past year, and been especially touched when many nights before bed Owen will come and ask us to read the Bible to him before he goes to sleep.  Tonight, he actually brought Eric the Bible and sat on his lap, asking for a verse.  He has been somewhat plagued with nightmares over the past six months (we’ve been careful since then to eliminate any scary shows in the evening), and has often asked us to pray with him.

Several years ago, when Annie told us (4 years old then) that she wanted to pray and ask Jesus into her heart, Owen was not ready nor interested.  That disinterest has slowly been replaced with questions, a joy for knowing more of God’s Word, and desiring prayer.   It was so beautiful to see his heart tonight, so open and ready, wanting all of Jesus that he could hold.  One week before his eighth birthday, he seems to grasp the surrendering and atonement that comes from welcoming God into His life.

I have not seen Eric cry often in our thirteen years, but tonight there were two tear-filled, thankful parents.  We love bringing the Good News to the Japanese, but there is nothing like seeing God penetrate the hearts of our own children.

Thanks to those who pray for our family.  I’ve been thinking about the need for prayer for protection over us… even Owen’s nightmares seem to be spiritual in nature.  And as I type this, I am holding little Ian, who is burning up right now.  He has had a very high fever most of the day… it went down for awhile this afternoon but has stayed quite high tonight and his breathing sounds somewhat shallow.  Thanks to you who pray for us;  we appreciate prayers for little Ian who has already had his share of ER visits due to his asthma and proneness to bronchial-type illnesses.  Lord, may your will and plans prevail over our children’s lives.  Keep them safely in your care.


One thought on “Prevailing

  1. Rejoicing with you and Eric about Owen!
    Joining you in prayer right now for the Lord’s will in your children’s lives, for his pursuit of them to Himself at just the right time, for wisdom for you and Eric in your incarnational ministry not only to the Japanese, but also to your children. Praying for the Lord’s protection over each of you and your family collectively. Because of God’s grace, we have confidence to approach his throne and be confident that the Lord will bring to completion what He has started!

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