Zoom! Zoom! Ian


That’s the fun way to write out Ian’s name (Ian Yuu).  We can’t believe he has turned one already!

Our co-worker Peter reminded us that it was just about exactly a year ago that we called he and Wendi while they were in Seattle, and told them that we were getting a baby from the adoption agency.  Before we could explain that it was just a foster situation for a month or so, Peter was already crying tears of joy over the phone.  We felt bad for deceiving him, knowing his joy for children.  Of course he was still excited to hear about us fostering Yuu…. but as we talked about it this weekend, I think his tears were prophetic — how God brought this little baby into our lives and had our whole family fall in love with him… and then we had to give him away…. then through a lot of strange twists God brought him back to be a forever member of our family.

(BTW- for those of you who have prayed for the family in Okinawa who couldn’t keep Ian because they became pregnant — they had their baby!  A beautiful, healthy little girl named Julia Megumi.  We are overjoyed).

So, this weekend we celebrated his first year.  And we also celebrated that the Japanese judge has approved his adoption into our family.  (Please pray — the birth mother needs to sign the final paperwork within two week’s time to complete the process).

Ian’s favorite thing right now is a truck that has become affectionately called his “zoom zoom” around our house… Here he is with his buddy Joshua, who was adopted by our friends from the same agency several months before Ian…both wanting to play with the same favorite truck:

So he needed a truck birthday cake to celebrate his first year.

It was also great just before leaving the U.S. to have an early birthday celebration for him with my family two weeks ago.  Here are some photos — with my Dad, affectionately known by his grandkids as “GiGi Bill”…

with Eric, after they both got hit with Silly String (a first for our kids – they thought it was the greatest stuff!)

… and Ian enjoying his first birthday cake — the red velvet color made for an interesting mess.  He went for it!

And on those non-birthday days where we feel tired (!)  attending to our four active children, Ian comes around the corner with his truck and –zoom zoom!  I am so utterly delighted at the joy God has given us with this special little one.  The verse on so many children’s cards and announcements is certainly true: “Children are a gift from the Lord.”  On his birthday weekend, truly we know that we have been blessed with this gift of life.  This is one good-lookin’ hot tamale who’s cooking up something special!


One thought on “Zoom! Zoom! Ian

  1. Happy Birthday Ian! Wish I could give you a big hug and kiss:) Looks like mommy outdid herself with an awesome cake! What a handsome little boy. You are all blessed to have each other.

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