Eric came back from the Sendai area on Saturday night, just in time for a really busy Easter!  We started with a 6:15 am prayer meeting for Sanda and Japan.  It was a hope we’ve had since moving to Sanda to have a citywide prayer gathering for Christians.  Even though there were only about twenty in attendance, it was encouraging that six or so churches were represented!

After that, we had an Easter celebration for our community.  As Eric and I talked about it that night, we were so greatly encouraged by the turnout… in particular, that there were four whole families (ie dads, moms, and kids) who aren’t a part of any church who all came.  Wow – we loved that so much!   Many men (most men?) in Japan wouldn’t think about setting foot into a traditional church – or giving up their only free day — so it was a privilege to all these families come and want to be a part of this.  There is something so attractive about Jesus and all that He is about!

Our friends from Cerritos, CA sent us a great box that helped make this possible.  We started with an Easter craft- even the dads got into helping their kids make chicks and bunnies…

Eric used a car transformer, then, to grab everyone’s attention and share about the power of transformation that comes from Easter and Jesus’ resurrection.  He did a neat job tying the theme into what he has seen God doing up in Tohoku after the tsunami – and that it is only through the realities that come from Jesus that lives can be truly changed. I know he was REALLY tired, but I loved seeing God speak through him.

Then, the activity that all the kids anticipate for months – the egg hunt!  We loved some of the variety of  plastic eggs that we received- I had no idea that they are making soccer ball eggs now.  It was soo much fun for everyone- even some of the seniors there had a ball watching the kids run around and find eggs with such abandon.

The event ended with a potluck lunch and fellowship, and dyeing easter eggs.  It was great to get to hang out with these families… and to know that God is at work.  There are times where we wonder why it takes so long in Japan for the Gospel to spread.  But on days like this, we remember the hope and the miracle of resurrection, of peoples’ lives being transformed.  He is risen;  the great Transformer  is on the prowl.

2 thoughts on “Transformer

  1. All I can say is…WOW!!!…How awesome! Amazing what God does when we least expect it…:)


  2. Sue,
    I was a part of Cerritos Baptist and now go to Catalyst Community Church (church plant of CBC) It has been such a pleasure reading your entries. I hope to travel back to Japan in the next few months. I helped CBC with some of the training for their STM teams now and in the past. Hope someday to hook up with you guys.

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