Fourth on the Fourth

One of the highlights of our time in L.A. so far was a small gathering of friends as we celebrated Annie’s fourth birthday on July 4th.  Our good friends Eric and Mary Bernard – and their 3 darling children- hosted the party, and it was wonderful to have friends who we’ve known through Asian Access in different ways join us.  As you’ll see from the photos, this was Annie’s PRINCESS birthday.  She has had the theme set for many many months – we could do nothing less than accomodate.  She was in her glory, and quite convinced that the Redondo Beach fireworks that ended our special evening were all for her.


One thought on “Fourth on the Fourth

  1. Happy Birthday to Annie! Seeing the photos makes me wish I could have been there!

    Glad to have you back online. Would love to hear how things are going with HA, besides the super-size stuff, etc.

    Love to you all.

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