We’re Back- and We’re Back On

It has been one month since we left Japan and came to the US.  We spent two and a half weeks in Hawaii, and then two weeks ago came to L.A.  For most of this time, we have been without a computer (the main reason is because I dropped our laptop.  Ouch).  Finally, we are settling into our missionary housing apartment, and remembering how to use our computer again.  Thanks for your patience — I will begin catching up.

Impressions about America:  yes, pretty much everyone has a VERY big tv;  We love the cable tv show, “What Not to Wear” (and I want to get on it!); we have some amazing friends in the U.S.!;  there is something that feels like coming home when I walk across Fuller’s campus;  drink portions are so huge– the large Slurpee at 7-11 would easily satisfy twelve thirsty Japanese;  everything seems much more expensive than when we were back three years ago!;  Starbucks really are just about everywhere (gotta’ like that);   the 50 or 60-so staff who work at the Apple stores around here — there are a LOT of staff at all times!–most of them  don’t look like the type who would be working at a computer store (It’s hard to describe – you just need to go and see for yourself);  it’s the little things that sort of discombobulate me as I try and settle back in;  McDonalds in the US has much better healthy options than the McDonalds in  Japan;  by far the best invention of the year is the portable GPS that Eric’s brothers gave us;  our kids help us see joy and adventure in every day;  Eric’s mom is really an amazing cook and I don’t think she has ever messed up a meal!;  K-Mart is way overpriced- Target is still the way to go;  even though I don’t like crowds Disneyland is worth it.  And we have some great family and friends here for whom we are daily thankful.


2 thoughts on “We’re Back- and We’re Back On

  1. YEY!! I got to read Sue’s blog tonight! My life is finally complete:)

    Happy birthday, Princess Annie! Princess Ellie sends her birthday greetings from Palace Higashi Kurume.

    We LOVE you!!!!!

  2. Hi Sue!

    Welcome back. Yes, things do cost much more than what I remembered after being away 5 years. My wife says even costs more than Tokyo, when we were there. Food portions are big. I think portions in Hawaii are even bigger. Oh, and there are many more choices and options to make when eating. Chipotle sauce and green tea seems to be the current food trend in our area.

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