Three Ideas to Think About

This past weekend we had a two-day training for our house church members by one of the most well-known house church practitioners in Japan, Mitsuo Fukuda. I was only able to attend Sunday, but Eric attended both days.

There were three concepts that I really loved from this weekend:

1) Yesterday, everyone had to practice giving a 90-second testimony. Then before we gathered again today, they were assigned to find someone and give the testimony…in less than 24 hours. While everyone thought it was nearly impossible, especially considering that we all had worship as well before the afternoon session, we heard some wonderful stories from our friends who had a chance –or made a chance — to share their stories with nonChristian friends and family. It was a great reminder that when we have the will, we really can find opportunities to share. I want to try and give mine this next week to someone…

2) In talking about the various rituals and ceremonies in Japanese culture, Mitsuo san said he is thinking about a new way of dealing with Japanese budsudan (Buddhist box for home worship)… Rather than getting rid of the budsudan, he’s considering putting a cross and Bible verses in the front. When people come over, inviting them to pray at the budsudan in the name of Jesus, and asking them for any personal prayer questions they might have. This idea really intrigues me…

3) This morning for house church we started with an ice breaker suggested by Mitsuo san. We took five minutes of silence, in which we closed our eyes and thought about what God really thinks of us, asking God to speak His truth to us. It was so touching to hear each person share… so many said they were really surprised at what they sensed God saying: one of our friends shared that she was so surprised to sense that God really loves her, even though she thought, before praying, that God has been judging her. She was overwhelmed by His love for her. Each of us shared similar words that reinforced the tremendous love that God has for us. Mitsuo san suggests that every day we need to carve time to sit before God and listen…listen to how he feels about us. It will change how we view everything.


One thought on “Three Ideas to Think About

  1. Historically, it was the custom for Christian homes to have some kind of family altar to provide a place for family prayer and for the family Bible. No reason why Japanese Christians couldn’t have a kirisuto-dan. For scriptures, I would suggest verses like Acts 4:12, The Shema (as in Mark 12:29-31), Isaiah 45:18.

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