Beware of Pink Sock-Monkey Pajamas

I just received this photo from our friend Cathy in California, Cathy (she gave me permission to post the photo):


She sent it after seeing the previous blog entry  photo of me with my old college roommate Daphne:

img_05691She asked what it means to be wearing the same crazy pajamas as me.  I can only say to her, and to Daphne – Beware!!  You might end up in Japan… or camping out on your college president’s front lawn… or perhaps all it means is that the three of us will be the next nominations for “What Not to Wear.”  At the least, I’m thankful that pink sock-monkey pajamas are a way of connecting with dear old friends.


3 thoughts on “Beware of Pink Sock-Monkey Pajamas

  1. I think not. I can just see the looks of disgust on my sons’ faces if I were to walk in wearing them. I’m trying so hard not to be an embarassment to them!

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