Possible Land for Purchase

We would really appreciate your prayers over the next day or so as we may be making decisions on housing- or moving in that direction at least.  As we have been sharing, no homes have opened up at all within our price range that would work for our family over the five months that we have been looking.   We have been considering looking for land and building a pre-fab hoe, or having a house of some kind open up that could work- whichever comes first!

This morning Eric was driving to Kobe to take care of Olivia’s passport and he felt the Lord say to him, “Today I am going to give you a house.”  As he was driving home, Jennifer Huddleston (who lives up there with her family) began messaging both of us a number of pinpoints for property that she found in both the Be One home neighborhood (Kazuma) and Watanoha, the other area hit really hard where Be One has focused their efforts.

Three of the properties have good potential – two are in the neighborhood that we fell in love with over Google last week- just north of the area hit hard where Be One is – I guess tsunami water went up there but not a lot.  It is a bit more rural, but with old and new homes throughout.   It is about five minutes away from the elementary school (which is where the Huddleston two children will go in the spring).  One of the plots we still haven’t heard a price on but has a great park right across the street;  the other is right against the hill and would be a neat place for a home but is less in the middle of things, if that makes sense.
The other plot is in Watanoha, and even though it’s not a general area where you would choose to take a family, the plot of land looks quite nice and so does the general neighborhood all things considered.  It looks nicer than other areas we have seen near there. One of the challenges that we are researching is that the elementary school is the one that had housed 700 people as a temporary shelter, and also had consider tsunami damage – its not being used as the school right now.  We think that the kids in the area are being bussed to a temporary building somewhere a bit away, and that over the next year they will change their location again.  That may be a challenge for our kids in the midst of adjustment.  But it also may be just where God wants them….
Tonight we are trying to talk with the Huddlestons to pray over these three options.  The price could end up determining a lot, although the two that we know are similar.  In a lot of ways our hearts are torn – we would love it if God opened up the “nicer” neighborhood and planted us there… but it might be that He wants us in Watanoha where there aren’t missionaries living already- to begin a new work in a new neighborhood.  For awhile Eric has really had a burden for this whole area, and A-san who he has written about and who we love is in this community.
Would you mind just praying for us over the next day or two, to really hear God’s voice?  Our greatest desire is to be where he wants us.  If we go this option, we will need to get working quickly on a design as well as options for our family to live during the several months it is being built and put together.  We will keep you posted!

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