Six hundred minutes

This morning when I woke Olivia up for school, she looked at me very hopefully and said, “Mommy, just one more morning-time and then Daddy is coming home?”  (Eric has been spending time with his family and helping his brother get moved.)

I like the way kids count.  Tonight Owen asked before bed how many minutes until morning.  I said I didn’t know how many minutes but about nine or ten hours.  He went to his room and then came back to where I was tucking in the girls and said, “How many minutes are in an hour again?”  “Sixty.”  I hear his mind working.  “So how many minutes would that all be?”  (Still working on the multiplcation tables!)   “Six hundred minutes, Owen.”

“That’s too long!  That’s too many minutes!  That’s not fair!”

I promised him time would fly very quickly between now and all those minutes if he did what I had asked and jumped into bed.

It’s been a really good eight days with the kids – I think we’ve all done well — until today.  For me.  I’m ready to have him home.   Tomorrow night after a dance practice, sports club, Olivia’s play date and a quick dinner we will all drive to the airport to pick him up.  Meanwhile, those minutes are just ticking away … but – they must have woken up Ian because I hear him crying out upstairs.    Thankfully, just one more morning-time and then Daddy comes home!  Woo hoo!


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