I read this quote in a book that I’m studying several weeks ago and it has stayed with me ever since.

“This message — I am someone God so loves — is a message we’re likely to hear from God in contemplation…God is so anxious to tell us this that the only time God is pictured in a hurry in Scripture is when the father ran down the trail to the prodigal son, ‘threw his arms around him and kissed him.'”  (Jan Johnson).

So – it’s made me think about all the times I’m in a hurry – what are the reasons?  To please others? because I’m trying to do too much?  Or because I’m so anxious to show love to someone…?  And then I wonder what messages God has been trying to tell me but I haven’t slowed down enough to listen… I want to keep listening.  Pretty neat to think of God in a hurry once in a while when it comes to showing us His love.


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