Ten days ago, Eric and I had a chance (made the opportunity?) to get away – a month late –  for our thirteenth anniversary celebration.  I’ve finally had time to download our photos!

In recent years we’ve found a get-away more likely to happen if we try and do it in January.  So, the last night before our kids headed back to school from winter break we went to Kyoto, thanks to the gracious help of friends who watched our children overnight.  It was such a wonderful trip!  On Sunday night we chose to eat at a small izakaya called Issei which served a unique, delicious dinner cooked in front of us on a black stone.  After some delicious delicacies we meandered through the crooked romantic streets still haunted by geisha and meiko.

The next morning, we were thrilled to see the city covered with a soft cottony snow.  Snow somehow helps make cold more bearable.

We decided to go and see the ginkakuji temple – the silver temple built five hundred years ago that was supposed to be plated in real silver — until they ran out of money.  It was stunning in the snow.

Just before we left our perfect get-away, we met a beautiful young woman celebrating coming-of-age in one of the most beautiful of cities.  Isn’t she wonderful?

I wrote briefly tonight on Facebook about a discussion that came up in my ladies’ English class.  We were sharing about our favorite restaurants, and who we like to go there with.  My friends in the class were all amazed that I said my husband.  None of them ever go on dates with their husbands.  Like —never.  Period. Later, while having dinner with family friends in our neighborhood, the wife and I were talking about this nationwide marriage problem.  And she said, “Aren’t you so thankful that you married Eric?”  I can only say, like thirteen years ago – – Yes!  We are still learning and growing in our marriage, but I thank God every day for this humble and godly man He has given to me.


2 thoughts on “Kyoto

  1. i’m so thankful for that day 13 years ago. you are definitely a better person because of eric—i say that with love and respect! your union has been so good for you. love the kyoto pictures. and i love you!

  2. I still remember when I first met Eric. I thought to myself, “He’s not good enough for SUE!!” Well, please tell him that he has proven me wrong for 13 years straight:) Congratulations, guys. Thanks for being a light in your marriage.


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