Only in Japan #8- Obento Lunches

Most moms in Japan feel a great deal of pressure when it comes to making lunches for their children. Often school leaders will tell parents that the time that they put into making their child’s lunch will show how much they really love their child. We love Owen A LOT…but we were greatly relieved that his Kindergarten provides school lunches so that our love wouldn’t be put to the test 🙂

Here are some of the more creative obentos, (lunchboxes)…each one obviously showing some lucky child a GREAT amount of love:



4 thoughts on “Only in Japan #8- Obento Lunches

  1. Before I got married I remember passing a display of obento magazines for kids’ lunches at a book store. Immediately I started hyperventilating! “I can’t do this!”

    So far my hubby has survived on my version of an obento. But, I fear the yochien days!!!! YIKES!

  2. I wish my lunches at school looked that great!!

    Hey Sue! I just started to read your blog yesterday, and finished reading all of them today! It’s so wonderful to see what God continues to do through your life and the lives of your family in Japan! I miss you guys a lot and you’re always in my prayers!

    It’s so nice to be able to read all of your creative blogs and see all the wonderful pictures! You and Eric look Fantastic, and Owen, Annie and Olivia are getting to be so big!!

    Hopefully I’ll see you guys when you’re in the states!

  3. I remember thinking how crazy the system was to consider this as a measure of success as a mother! I also remember feeling like my obentos were terribly inferior. Its painful that even today I will meet someone who saw Bethany’s obentos at Kohitsuji Yochien and will make mention of them…that was 20 years ago! Ouch.

    She seems to have forgiven me, though ;>

  4. I just had to see those obentos! We are heading back for our 3rd term in Japan, and looking for a yochien for our 3rd child. I’d like to find a Christian one nearby. Older 2 will be going to CAJ this time. Maybe we’ll run into you at Thrift Shop?

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