House Dreams

One of the traditions we have started at Christmas is an Advent house…. adapted from an idea from our friend Kristin.  Each night we put a personalized Bible verse for each child in the door, and then hide three different treats in one of the other doors in preparation for the next morning.  They are excited each morning to read their verse and find their treat.

I was especially taken by their verse today (the name is personalized for each of them):

“No matter what plans I may desire for Annie, or that she may have for herself, let your purpose prevail in her life” (Proverbs 19:21).

I love this verse — I prayed it individually with each of them before bed.  Oh God – let your purposes –not ours — prevail over Owen’s…. Annie’s… Olivia’s…. Ian’s life.  I love to imagine and pray for how God might use them as they grow up.  But more importantly, how much we pray for God’s purposes to prevail in their lives.


2 thoughts on “House Dreams

  1. I love it… We are starting a family ministry at Catalyst (Im heading it up, because it is my passion area) and this is one of the main themes that we are pursuing…how do we free our kids to be who God made them to be… thanks for always sharing your thoughts…we miss you guys

    Damon and Traci

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