Mario Madness

On Sunday we celebrated Owen’s birthday — one week early.  Tomorrow, Olivia and I are flying to L.A for a short, five day trip to participate in our friend Laura A.’s wedding (Olivia will premier as a flower girl).  It is also an important trip because upon entrance into LAX we will go through special immigration so that Olivia can become a U.S. citizen.  (Please pray for us as we make this short trip, and especially for Eric as he stays back with Owen, Annie, and Y.!).

Owen wanted to have a Super Mario Brothers theme (if you don’t know who Mario is, like I didn’t until a year or so ago, ask any boy 5 years or older!)… He was SO SO excited!  Two hours before the party he made signs all over the house (in Japanese) with labels for each room.  (Below:  toy room;  kitchen)

The highlight for the kids was the surprise Mario pinata!  This was a first for all of us in Japan- and a great delight.

Imagine our surprise a little while later when Mario and Luigi came waltzing in!  (our dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. I — who are like our children’s Japanese grandparents).

Then, there was little Mario….

We had a fun taco soup dinner…

and then it was cake time!  With Eric’s help I made a Super Mario cake, surrounded by “mushroom” cupcakes.

It was so great to celebrate Owen.  We’ve been proud of how hard he has worked at school and learning Japanese language, writing, culture, stories, etc.  Even though he is still behind his classmates in reading and writing, he has a cheerful spirit and continues to improve.  Pray for him, and for us as we spend a lot of time in homework and helping him move forward.


2 thoughts on “Mario Madness

  1. Hey Sue! Again, what a great themed party! You are sooo creative! You and Eric are such great parents too! 🙂 I loved seeing Owen’s smile on his face! 😀 YAY!! Have a blast at Laura’s wedding! HOW VERY EXCITING! 🙂

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