Bi-Annual Reviews; and Reviews that Last

Tomorrow and Friday we will be conducting individual reviews with all of our Nozomi staff.  AARGGH!  We started this for the first time in the spring, and it is something we are committed to doing bi-annually.  The whole process is laborious, quite honestly.  But we are convinced it is the most helpful way to receive and provide feedback, and to encourage each of our staff to grow professionally and personally.

We have spent a lot of hours already meeting as a leadership team to discuss each individual and choose our priorities in sharing areas of strength that we have seen and (an) area where they can grow.  It has been especially encouraging the past two months to see several of our staff really rise and shine to our hopeful expectations since our last reviews. One of my favorite maxims from my leadership studies is Goodwin’s Principle of Expectation:  “Emerging leaders tend to live up to the genuine expectations of leaders they respect.”  I have found this really true at Nozomi Project.

But it also hard to share areas needing growth.  Some people are very aware of their challenges;  others have very little self-awareness and communicating that can be really difficult.

One of the things i”m so excited about this time are special gifts we will give each woman at the end of each review.  A friend and mentor in Nishinomiya is an amazing artist.  Every Christmas eve she paints individual water color Bible verse cards with all different verses on them for all the visitors who come to their annual Christmas eve services (and they have a lot of people come;  some who attend especially because they want one of her cards!)

Megumi has prayed, prepared, and painted individual Bible verse cards to give to each of our staff tomorrow at the end of their review.  Isn’t that so beautiful?  I had started praying about choosing verses for each staff to give at the end of the reviews — because God’s word is much more powerful, true, and eternal than whatever words we tell them during the review!  But Megumi-san has taken it many levels up by painting these beautiful cards.

They arrived today – each card sealed in a beautiful envelope.  I had to open just one to see.  Isn’t it lovely?


Please pray with us tomorrow and Friday as we seek to encourage each of our staff and help them to grow!  Pray too for God to encourage each woman with the Word that he has chosen for them in this season of their lives.

Do you have anything you do to help conduct reviews?  We continue to learn and grow in this area…


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