California Da(y)ze

Our past six weeks in California have brought many, many good days with friends and family. Our days have been too full to keep up with our blog regularly, so I am going to summarize our time with some favorite photos. (Not all of our photos are on this computer- there are LOTS more highlights not  pictured below.)

Of course — Disneyland! Pictured right — Eric’s brother Mark. Favorite rides? Annie: the carousel; Eric: Buzz Lightyear (new one at California Adventure) Owen: Star Tours. Sue? Soarin’ Over California (California Adventure)…Olivia? Winnie the Pooh. It was fun to meet a number of Orange County friends while we were there, as well, and the Sakamotos visiting from Japan.

Eric and Owen went with our friend Steve K. to Owen’s first-ever professional ball game — the Dodgers! Owen now loves to sing, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and thinks Cracker Jacks are great because they’re in that song.

Many memory-making times with special friends and family…

Annie had a chance to do her four-year old dream: take ice skating lessons. It is scary that after two hours she is already better than both parents

Bobby Clinton had a baton-passing ceremony for ten mentorees, and Eric and I had the privilege of receiving one.

Our friend Gwen’s birthday party (f you look closely, you’ll see Owen’s forehead is cut. Several hours later at the emergency room he received 14 stitches! He’s fine now)…

Our trip to Colorado for a Debriefing and Renewal (DAR) conference was a highlight for our whole family. We adults had wonderful opportunities to process our overseas experiences, gain perspective from biblical inputs, and reflect. It really was a time for renewal for Eric and me. The children also had age-relevant debriefs, and processed their experiences in more concrete ways.

Times of prayer with dear friends.

The opportunity to hang out with our Sanda friends, the Sakamotos, and participate in their 20 year anniversary vow renewal ceremony.

There’s no way to choose a favorite day or favorite event… but our overall feeling was joy and gratitude as our family was welcomed so generously and lovingly by family and friends across the southland. We already miss you all!


One thought on “California Da(y)ze

  1. Glad you were able to have fun in CA. I love the pictures, but I can’t see the cut on Owen’s head (thank goodness he’s okay.) It sounds like a “boy thing”. We are already back in Japan! I posted some pictures on facebook. Have fun heading east! See you when you get back to Japan! Love, Chris

    p.s. I have more clothes for Owen.

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