Only in Japan #7 – Winter Fashion

This past week, several mornings the temperature has been in the thirties (near zero Celsius). Does that change how Owen dresses for kindergarten? Oh, no, it sure doesn’t. Not in Japan! Here’s his fall/winter/spring uniform:


I checked last week if Owen could wear sweatpants on cold days, and I was told by another mom that it is forbidden. She said, “It is going to be hard on our kids for a year or two, but after that they will be much stronger and able to handle the cold.”

So, I can take a little blanket to cover his legs when we bike to school, but that and any jacket needs to stay behind when he goes in the gate.

It is interesting- he has learned how to gargle, which every school child learns how to do to prevent colds. But no long pants for these little boys! (I was told that girls are lucky because they can get away with tights). At least in a year or two he’ll be able to handle the cold….


One thought on “Only in Japan #7 – Winter Fashion

  1. Yes! I’ve been surprised by that, too…all the boys in short shorts:) Ellie’s dress is really short, too, but like you mentioned, she’s already wearing her tights almost every day. However, we’re noticing that she is one of the very few who wear them!

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