Our Gift from God

It’s been a very full almost- two weeks since coming back from Hawaii… It was walking out of the airport into the parking lot that Owen said, “Wow, Santa brought us the best present EVER!”   And then, “I think God did too!”  There’s nothing like a new baby brother– we won’t try and top this one.

Through a lot of unusual circumstances and God’s clear leading, our foster baby Y.-kun is now our son, being adopted into our family.  His home-coming has been met with great joy by our family as well as our community.  Our across-the-street neighbor, who has offered to babysit anytime:

Our next-door neighbor, celebrating coming of age day and looking so beautiful.  (I was so scared that he would spit up on that kimono!):

We loved springing the exciting news on Keishi, one of our ministry partners — he laughed for a while!

During the first week, we tried out different name ideas on our Japanese friends.  We really wanted to find a name that 1) “works” in our Japanese context, particularly since he will likely go to Japanese schools like his older siblings; 2) fits with his siblings’ names;  3) has a meaning that fits.  Most of the names that we initially liked just weren’t working in Japanese!

Then, I shared the story of Y. coming back with our ladies’ English class.  (Email me if you’d like the whole story).  I got to the end of the sotry, and one of the women in the class, with tears in her eyes, said, “you should name him something that means ‘gift from God.’ ”

Her words stayed with us, and focused  our search.  Thus this week, we  decided to name our 4 month old  son, Ian Y–.  Ian means “gift from God”;  Y–, his name given at birth, means gentle or kind.  Little Ian makes more laundry and keeps our arms fuller; but this special gift from God brings boundless joy already to so many!


10 thoughts on “Our Gift from God

  1. Hi dear friends!

    I’ve been sharing this miraculous story of God with ALL my friends and am stunned by the work of His hand in both yours and Ian Yuu’s life. I have to say, Takamotos, that your Christmas card stated inside “Praying that the joy of our Lord may fall upon you in gentle and surprising ways this season”. It sure seems that God fulfilled this prayer…with you!

    May the LOVE that God has for you and your darling children be felt deep inside your hearts as you are blessed through His faithfulness to you. 🙂

    Much love!

    PS – Don’t you think Ian Yuu looks like Eric???

  2. Great news Sue–and I must say, I saw this coming from the start. I really DID. To myself I was like, Foster? Are you kidding? I’m glad it worked out as my heart knew it would have to–and that you and Eric continue to be such awesome, giving, amazing parents and missionaries! What an example of Christ’s love you give to those whom you tell about Christ!!!

  3. Wow, I love it! I think Ian also means “John” =) …wish I was there to hold Ian and give him kisses!! Miss you! Love, Mona

  4. Hey, Takamotos! I have to agree with Laura, above. I was surprised when you didn’t keep him at first, but I knew you that you had prayed and prayed and prayed and were following God’s leading! And boy, doesn’t God lead in the most wonderful ways!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOR THIS AMAZING GIFT!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! (And a tad jealous!)
    COME SEE US SOON!!!!!!!!!

  5. From one mom of a gift from God (John) to another (Ian)–Blessings on the Takamoto family, and welcome to the world of 4 children!

    So fun to have met him, held him in October/November!

    Love to you!

  6. Hi Takamoto Family!!

    What absolutely fantabulous news!! Congratulations on this newest “blessing” that God has placed in your home! You know, every time I saw a picture of him with your precious family, he just looked so “comfortably fit”. I kept wondering about his future, and now God has confirmed! We are praising the Lord with you on this addition of Ian Yuu Takamoto! Beautiful, simply beautiful!

    Love, The Williams Family (all 7 of us!)

  7. Love the name! One of my favorite preschool students (the 4th child one of my favorite families!) is also named Ian. He is just beautiful! I would love to hold him and snuggle that sweet baby and kiss his darling face. We are so happy for you! He is one very lucky little boy to have all of you! He has no idea how blessed he is! We hope to meet him one day and see all of you again.

    Love you!

  8. Owen, Annie, Olivia and Ian. Sounds perfect together! I feel a baby watercolor painting coming on…let me know what verse, now that you have a name!

  9. Takamoto Family, so glad I could be the one to place him back into your loving arms. Just that little glimpse into your family was very special and secured a lasting friendship for sure…..Give sweet Ian Yuu and the rest of your clan our love….Shirley

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