Christmas Craft & Cupcake Ideas (Updated)

I am going to be starting a Christmas English Bible study in a few weeks for several groups of women I am friends with. We will meet for 3 or 4 weeks, have a one hour lesson, followed by a one-hour craft and conversation time. If you have a craft idea that we could either do in one hour, or work on over several weeks, I’d love to hear it. One thing the ladies are really interested in is making a wreath. Do you have a fun wreath, or other idea? Thanks. you can either post a comment or email me.
We ended up making some really cute and easy snowpeople, and now we’re making fabric wreaths. Here are links to my posts that have photos and some descriptions. Email me if you need more information:
I have also made two different Christmas cupcakes at these links:
snowmen cupcakes
Christmas tea cupcakes/cake
You can see all the cakes I’ve made the past few years at this link:
sue’s cakes


One thought on “Christmas Craft & Cupcake Ideas (Updated)

  1. Hey Sue, I was trying to work on hideous assignments which are making me cry and decided I needed a break to catch up on your blog and I’m so glad I did. Everyone looks great! I couldn’t decide which entry to leave a comment on, but I’m leaving one here because I have found a fantastic art/craft/fashion website called etsy. It’s wonderful, I’ve been buying stuff from them as well as stealing craft ideas for Christmas presents. I love it, it might help you with easy, craft ideas.



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