My Halloween Princess

Last weekend we had a chance to go to nearby Sasayama for our organization’s church planter’s fall conference. The whole conference was a time of wonderful fellowship; vision and prayer time; and even practical training that included CPR. One huge highlight was the care that our children received from the four women who came from L.A. to minister with us. We loved watching them and hearing their stories! Here is just one photo from one of the fun exercises they did (this wasn’t even halloween!) It really is an important time for our children to enjoy being with other missionary children, as well as to get spiritually fed.


It was fun, too, to be with a group of our North American friends and celebrate Halloween with a harvest party. We were so sad that our friends the Johnstons could not come because of influenza, but we were really grateful for Nozomi’s work in planning the party anyway. Here are a few highlight photos (you have to be impressed in realizing that most people flew in for the conference and packed their costumes!).

IMG_4134IMG_4137IMG_4143We had a few cuties in our family…Y.kun, the sweet pea (or Japanese edamame)


A cowgirl…
IMG_4127And my personal favorite- the grand prize winner– my Halloween princess! (Rumors have it the princess bribed the judges…)



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