What lies around each bend…


This past week has been a really amazing experiences in seeing the power of social media for those of us working at the Nozomi Project. A writer for treehugger.com received a “tip” about the Nozomi Project and ended up writing an article about NP a week ago Friday.  (Shout out to Kimberely Mok!) We didn’t know about it, but quickly realized something was going on when internet orders started pouring in.

As a result of that article, the actress/producer/writer Amy Poehler wrote about the Nozomi Project on her Facebook site Smart Girls.  Thus a day later, our sales continued.  A few hours after that, theweathernetwork.com ran the treehugger article on their front page of “Latest News.”  This is mainly for Canadians, so for the next several days we had wonderful Canadian shoppers buying from the Nozomi Project!  The last two nights I have been communicating with the editor of a major Middle Eastern  airline interested in writing an article about the Nozomi Project for their inflight magazine next month!  She heard about us also from the treehugger article.  Wow. We are so thankful!

I was approached last summer by a group in Hawaii, the Soroptimists, about coming to participate in a women’s leadership conference this February.  The Soroptimists have a strong presence in Oahu… I love their mission statement:  Through international partnerships and a global network of members, Soroptimists inspire action and create opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls by: Advocating for equity and equality; Creating safe and healthy environments; Increasing access to education; Developing leadership and practical skills for a sustainable future.  

I really wanted our Nozomi manager to attend, but she didn’t think she could get away in February because of other commitments.  In the past few weeks, however, through a lot of prayer and God’s guidance, the door has opened for our manager, our grinder leader, and myself to be able to attend.  A member of the Soroptimists is paying the whole way for one of our staff and for some of the additional expenses – so awesome!  We are all excited.  It is our first overseas trip for the Nozomi Project.

We are going to be really busy — the conference begins the evening of our arrival on Thursday (February 13th)  and is the following two days (with us sharing about the Nozomi Project on Friday and selling Nozomi products on Saturday).  We will also be sharing with two different churches about Nozomi Project (Honolulu Christian church and Kaka’ako Christian Fellowship), and then on Sunday night, before leaving, our friend at the Soroptimist Club is organizing a final dinner with different women’s‘ groups in Honolulu.  It will be a packed trip but certainly memorable on so many levels.

For our two staff, this trip is HUGE.  They had to apply for passports (first time overseas!).  For one of the women, it is her first time to fly on an airplane.  They have had to make extensive arrangements for their children’s care during their five day absence.  What has really touched me has been how their families have rallied to make this happen for them.  I think they have realized how important this opportunity is.

(Thanks to those who responded to the insert here!)

We really appreciate your prayers for this trip!;  pray for us and our families to stay healthy.  We’ve had a lot of sickness and injuries lately — asking for God’s protection on all that this trip is about. I have continued to see how God uses times away to bring perspective, paradigm shifts, and healing.   I am really praying that our two staff will benefit greatly from this trip and find further healing, dignity, and growth through this wonderful opportunity.

Leading a social enterprise has been so much more work than our team would have ever, ever guessed;  but the process of trusting in God and seeing what He brings around each next bend has been so so amazing.  I am praying this year for more faith to trust Him in the things that I cannot see or imagine.


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