Triple Hitter

Today was a triple hitter!
1) Easter! We had a combined Easter worship and outreach for much of the day with the other Christian organizations and churches working up in this area. Probably 300 or 400 people came – it was a chance for me to get to know many of the other volunteers and staff who’s name I have heard over the past year.
2) Our ministry partner Beth’s big 30th birthday – we had a surprise party last night with friends from the community- it was a neat tribute to hear many share of the impact Beth has made over this past year up here. Over the past two days we had thirty friends give her thirty gerber daisies – it has been fun to honor her.
3) Back to school prep day! The two older kids start school tomorrow, so I have been busy getting all of their school gear ready with names on it. My challenge is figuring out what they need – when we went to the school last week the staff was new and seemed relatively unsure of all that we need, so I have tried to figure it out. Just before dinner Jennifer took us to a family who lives nearby in a temporary home who has a boy Owen’s age. She was really helpful – I plied her with questions and feel a bit more ready.
But Owen was not happy about meeting anyone new, and has been begging me all day to homeschool him… (smile- but no!) it is going to be tough for both of them to start a new school that is so unknown to them; Owen, while usually mild-mannered and easy-going, has had difficulties in the past during times of big transitions. We would SO appreciate your prayers for our kids (and for us) over this next week. Please pray that they will wake up ready for the challenge…. that God will meet them in surprising ways… that this will be a time of discovering for themselves that God is real and present. This morning we ready the Easter story and ended with Jesus’ promise, “I am with you always.” We desire that they will know that Jesus is with them through all of these difficult challenges.


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