Philadelphia Orchestra comes to Sanda

Yesterday was a full, full, fun day! Having a ladies’ tea, and their collective 13 or so children, into your home two weeks before moving your family across the world is a bit insane. But if it’s because two members of the Philadelphia Orchestra – who are also friends — are coming, it’s well worth it.

We had nine ladies attend our late-afternoon tea. Our friends Lisa-Beth, first chair-violinist for the Orchestra, and Roger, who’s been trumpeting with the orchestra for over 30 years, and his wife Marilyn came to visit us. Roger and Marilyn are actively involved in our church in New Jersey; and Lisa-Beth in our Washington DC church. They are on a three-week Asia tour, and had a concert on Sunday in our area. What was so wonderful was that they were so willing on their day off to trek over to Sanda, share their music, and share their stories of how God has been real in their lives. There’s no way we were going to pass up this opportunity.

When I introduced Roger, I played 3 minutes of our wedding video that showed Roger playing the processional as I walked down the aisle with my Dad. The ladies’ reactions were so funny as they oohed and aahed.. But perhaps Annie’s comments were the best… after the bridesmaids went down the aisle, the back doors, as usual, were closed for me, the bride, to get ready to come down the aisle. Annie was watching and said, “Mommy, were you late and so they closed the door on you?” And then, as I came to the front of the church, I looked to my right at Eric, and to my left at our pastor, and Annie said, “Mommy, were you trying to choose which one to marry?” We cracked up.

Both Roger and Lisa-Beth played several solos for us that I’m sure made all the neighbors want to come and see who was in our home.

One of the neat things that we notice is what happens during the less formal times like this… the Christians and the nonChristians interact and friendships go deeper. Eric took all 13-plus children to the park for the whole time, allowing the women to interact freely and enjoy the music the tea, and the fellowship. We very intentionally chose those who were invited, and saw God blessing the relationships that were being built through the tea.

After the tea was done, we quickly prepared for Part II… we had the K. family over for dinner and to meet our friends. Their whole family is musical, and we knew that they would love meeting Lisa-Beth, Roger, and Marilyn. They, too, drank in the impromptu performances and chances to talk to professional musicians.

One of the fun things that happened in the midst of the day was watching a special bonding that happened between Lisa-Beth and Annie. They became inseparable! When Lisa-Beth pulled out her violin, Annie said, “Wow- that violin is so beautiful.” Lisa-Beth did Annie’s hair, they read stories, and they became fast friends. This seemed like God’s special gift to Annie, and just what she needs as she has been going through adjustment stresses at school.

While Lisa-Beth was warming up, she indulged Annie by playing Annie’s favorite song. Later after dinner, they did a special duet to what has become our family’s theme song this year… and a great summary of what happened in our home yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Orchestra comes to Sanda

  1. Priceless!! That duet just made our day. 🙂

    We are praying for you as you pack and get ready to leave. We know that leaving will be hard. (But we are thrilled that you will soon be here with us!! Yahoo!) What special friendships you have made! God has used you and blessed you. It will be neat to see what He does with these relationships. Thanks for your blog…it is such a blessing! Love, Diane

  2. That was so precious. I have a huge smile on my face 😀
    Annie is so beautiful! I would love to meet her one day.

    And thank you for your wonderful talk on Henrietta Mears today in Bobby’s class. I was truly inspired by her uncompromising character and integrity. It is amazing how far God will take a person when they are just willing to adhere to His ways!

    Daniel Ra

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