First day of School

Our two oldest started school today! We were told to drive them up to the school, rather than having them take the bus, since this was their first day. There were only four others starting school, and all of them had been at the school before the tsunami and were returning after a year of living elsewhere. So our two were the only new kids; unfortunately we heard that the school lost forty children from the previous year.

The day


One thought on “First day of School

  1. I realize this is a late post but I just read it today and had to respond… I will be especially praying for those families of those children and for your children as they adjust to their new school and new faces. My son Micah is only about 18mths old and we have another on the way so we haven’t yet crossed any of those bridges yet! lol- pray for us to be more open to the needs of others like you all are. You guys are a shining example for us!

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