What it’s about

“It’s been an amazing day.”  This is what Eric shared about their last twelve hours.  They split into teams, and worked again on gutters, yards, and homes in the vicinity of the rental home that will become the ministry base.  One of the ladies who lives next door to the rental home, Eric said, is a busy-body who seems to have a lot of opinions and know everybody around.  Today she was telling others how the teams have been cleaning and fixing up every one else’s home but not their own… because they are Christians.  What awesome gossip!

They set up groceries to give away in the garage of the rental home… about twenty different families/individuals came to pick up things.  What was unusual about this set-up was that the team helped the community members carry their groceries home.  “There was just a sense of Christ’s presence working across the community.  It was all for the Lord’s renown.”


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