Eric’s Going…

It is really late but we wanted to let you know that Eric will probably be leaving on Friday for two weeks to serve up in Sendai.  The CRASH Network, which is overseeing all of the Christian relief efforts, is setting up five base camps in the worst-hit areas up north.  Peter, Eric, and Kent  (all three Asian Access missionaries in Sanda) will be driving up to Tokyo on Friday and then going with the team up to one part of Sendai.  It is scary, I have to say, but last night I felt the Lord speaking to us about this.  We had a conference call with a few of us in the mission to talk about options.  Eric and I had just been watching the news and had received the updates from our friend Kazue in Sendai.  And I thought – it’s worth it to serve the least… There will be many teams able to come and serve in a month or so, but right now there are few people able to go the disaster areas and minister real help and hope.  God has given us confidence that this is His timing and His calling.

Please pray as the guys try and find supplies tomorrow.  All the water bottles were sold out at Costco and our local store today.  Japanese are scared and are in a reactionary hoarding mode out of fear.  They will need to buy gloves, boots, hard hats, etc. tomorrow.  They are hoping to buy a portable GPS to help navigate the roads, and perhaps a generator as well.  We hope they’ll be able to find all that they need before departure.

Pray for our families.  We know they won’t understand all of this;  and I don’t want them to sense fear but as a family that we place our hope in God.

We are getting reports of different groups evacuating Tokyo over the next few days.  France and Russia are evacuating their citizens.  We have just received an email from another mission asking if we could help house  some of their Tokyo missionaries.  It is very possible that I will have house guests while Eric is gone as people come south and west because of the uncertainty of the nuclear situation.  We need to pray for God’s protection, especially for those in the area attempting to help the victims.

We will update you soon.  Thank you, thank you, for praying with and for us.  These are strange days;  how much we need to place our hope in God.


6 thoughts on “Eric’s Going…

  1. Thanks again for keeping all of us out here updated, Sue. I will be praying for Eric and the others going to Sendai. Please take care opf yourselves as best as you are able. Will be praying for you, the KIDS and all those with you. Our Father above keep you all safe.

  2. We will be praying for Eric as he goes and Sue as you stay for God’s protection and provision and for God to uphold you as you reach out to so many in need. Lauren

  3. We are keeping you in our prayers Sue and Eric. If there are any particular ways that we can help from stateside, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  4. Praying for you and Eric and the team as they head out! SO proud of you all!!

    I’m really bummed that people are making such a big deal about Tokyo. We have it SOOOO good here that it’s almost embarrassing…the worst we are experiencing is a couple of hours of power being out just to conserve energy, and low on rice not because of an emergency, but because of selfish people hoarding. And then for Tokyo-ites to have to bother other people in the country for evacuation?! Give me a break. Honestly people, let’s focus on what is IMPORTANT, and that is the people who are literally dying right now. And that is NOT the people of Tokyo. Stop wasting time and money and energy on us here everyone, and let’s spend all of our energy on where help is truly needed!!

    End of ranting. Thank you very much.

  5. Dear Sue and Eric,
    We are praying for you often. We are praying for a shield of protection around Eric and the others as they serve, and for you and the kids as you are at work at home. Know that you are loved.

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