Update from Sendai

Just talked to our friend Kazue from Sendai. It is an amazing gift to have this link with someone so dear to us who is in the midst of this tragedy as it unfolds.

A few updates… They are still not allowed anywhere near their old neighborhood, Arahama.  She has seen the overview photos and definitely their home and everything around them is completely gone.  She said they still have not recovered the bodies and until then will not let others go in.  She is surprised that they are not more upset by it – she said they are just so thankful to all be together and alive.  The days ahead will not be easy, but for now they are thankful for LIFE.The homes in our former neighborhood, ShichiGo, are all intact, though some have sustained significant damage she thinks.

The greatest need right now is gasoline and kerosene.  For food, she said instant rice is the biggest need.

The Junior High school in that neighborhood is housing the homeless, and those who have lost loved ones.  She has not been there herself, but heard that they are receiving one piece of bread and one juice pack a day.  Seven people are sharing one blanket.  Today is particularly cold, and tonight they are predicting even colder temps and possible snow.  PLEASE PRAY.  Their is a third nuclear plant in northern Sendai that is now a risk.  The tv is announcing to Sendai residents not to leave the house, not to let the rain that is falling now touch their skin.  Tonight the snow would make things more challenging. Earthquake – tsunami – and now nuclear leaks?  It is worst than the worse horror movie.

This morning we met with several colleagues to make further plans for the guys to deliver supplies to people  with great and immediate needs, but we need to be wise in terms of the nuclear issues.  Pray for us;  but pray especially for those who are in great need of the basics of life and hope as well.


4 thoughts on “Update from Sendai

  1. we weep with you and pray for His comfort to multiply exponentially to all who are in need in your affected areas. Much love and prayers,
    Buzz and Ruthi Curtis

  2. We are praying from Okinawa, watching and waiting for where He will have us serve. May God have mercy and move quickly. May He protect you and give you wisdom.
    Love from Melanie Hiraguri

  3. Praying, along with everyone else who heard about A2 on this morning’s raido broadcast. It quoted Joe and shared about your retreat and what you guys are doing in Japan! Thank you for keeping us updated. Love you guys and am praying for you.

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