Box Maker Responds

Eric and the team are doing well.  They had the chance to love on a neighborhood today with a barbeque lunch.  It was nice because there was time afterwards to hang out, share, and listen to stories.  After that they worked on Be One’s rental home – taking down walls and helping prepare it for the construction team that is there now.  George is a floor expert, so tomorrow he and Eric will go and talk to some professionals about what is needed to redo the floors in the home.  The team will also prepare for a food drop as well as another barbeque at a place where Eric and others have built a lot of relationships.

I wanted to post tonight, though, to let those who have been reading hear how God answered my specific prayers and needs from last night.  I wrote this before bed:   ” I am sure that when I wake up the Lord will sustain us all and bring deliverance.”
This morning I emailed our church friends that I wouldn’t be able to come because my back had again taken a turn for the worse.  One of the families with a high school daughter who has babysat before called and asked if they could take the kids to church and then for the afternoon.  All four were gone until 8 tonight!  I went back to bed this morning around 11 this morning and slept until 3 (when was the last time I have done that?), and then after that pretty much stayed on the couch until the kids came home and we began the de-licing procedures again.  It was a glorious, unexpected day.  By the time the kids came home I was again standing upright.  I am going to try and lay low for another day or two (as much as I can).  I was really overwhelmed today by God’s care for me through our community again, and how very lovingly He answered the prayers of friends who have been praying and did not allow the pressure to be too much.


3 thoughts on “Box Maker Responds

  1. So grateful to God for this answered prayer. Thanks for sharing, Sue. We’ll keep on praying (so keep posting!) with the added wish that we could be there to walk with you.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I am so HAPPY you have had achance to rest!!!! God be praised! Amazing how HE puts things together…isn’t it? 🙂


  3. Hi Sue. I’m glad you had chance to rest well, and pray that you’ll be pain free soon. We’ll pray for lice free, too! Your faithfulness even battling with challenges inspire me!


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