Needing Prayer

Yesterday was our kids’ first day back to school;  today was my first day back to work – at the Nozomi Project.  And it was a dozer day.  We would appreciate your prayers for a number of challenging situations:

  • one of our staff is in desperate need of housing.  Could you pray for God to open up the right place for her and her two children?  Housing is hard to come by here;  but in God’s economy…
  • Today one of the original Nozomi staff officially quit.  It is a big bummer for many reasons, and the way that she is choosing to leave is not gracious, affecting our whole community.  She has been part of our worshipping community as well, making this extremely complicated.  Tomorrow I need to meet with the rest of the staff and debrief/process this.  We are hoping that Eric may be able to meet with her and bring perspective that she hasn’t seen thus far.
  • One of our staff is struggling with a marriage that’s on the rocks.

Thank you for praying.  Today we had to remind ourselves of the good things going on in our midst – and there are many good things.  God is at work and faith is trusting in what we cannot see yet.


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