Thanks for praying for Reiko’s family. After two days of no news, a friend was able to drive over and find that they are alright. Very thankful.

Just heard the quake was upgraded to a 9.0! I heard a Japanese expert saying it happens once in 100,000 years. we heard that 10,000 are presumed dead just in the area surrounding Sendai. There are times that the sadness feels overwhelming.

There is a severe shortage of gasoline in all of northern Japan- citizens will not be able to use vehicles. rescue workers will need to take in their own. Roving power outages begin tomorrow in greater Tokyo. Experts are saying there is a 70 percent chance of a large earthquake in Tokyo over the next few days. We are realizing how this will very much change all of our lives here.

I have had very limited Internet access – sorry I haven’t been able to respond personally during the course of our retreat. it is still too soon to make plans for rescue teams, and we have been told that it’s better not to send supplies at this time. but we will keep you posted and hope to have more information soon.

Donations can be sent to Asian Access for the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund. Checks are easiest and can be sent to: Asian Access, PO Box 200, San Dimas. CA 91773. The money will go directly to disaster relief here.


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thank you, Sue and Eric for the Information on how to help and where to send donations. It is most helpful. Our Father above keep you and thiose with you safe and well.

    Larry Williams

  2. Thank God Reiko’s family is ok. Do you have any news on the families that we stayed with in 2003? I stayed with the Watanabe family. Do you know of anyway to see if they are alright?

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