Ways to Give and Pray

We wanted to give a brief update on ways to be involved.  Asian Access has set up a fund that will direct all the money to our relief efforts, mostly through the local churches we will be partnering with.  Last night we had our first strategic meeting to begin working on how to best go forward in the disaster challenges ahead.  There is more information in the link below:


Please keep praying.  Here are some specifics for today:

— for churches who are already working to help their neighbors.  One example is  one of our partnering pastors, Sato Sensei.  This is a Baptist church very close to the nuclear reactor.  Their church has taken the lead in evacuating residents, in particular the elderly, sick, and those unable to get away themselves.

–for Sendai L’Abri Bible Church, where Eric and I had ministered for several years.  We were thrilled to get a call from them this afternoon- their phone service and electricity is back on;  the building is at least in tact.  They have fifteen people staying there who have lost their homes;  our dear friend Kazue and her dad are there since her home is likely gone with the tsunami.  Pray that God uses them as a powerful testimony in their neighborhood.

–There are so many homeless right now.  Pray for God’s care over them in a special way.

–Pray against any nuclear radiation.  It is still a potentially huge problem.

–Pray for the many of us who are planning and praying about how to best be of assistance.

Thank you.  We don’t feel alone.



One thought on “Ways to Give and Pray

  1. Sue – I was so glad to find your website on your Facebook page – thank God that you, Eric and the children are okay. My children and I (and Kevin, my ex-husband who traveled to Japan with us in 2003) are all praying for you and Sendai.

    If you hear of or from the Yoshidas, I know Kevin (and I) would be very grateful to know that they are okay.

    We will pray for you – please let us know any way we can help.

    Shayna Weddle (Walker)

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