Knock! knock!

Suitcase was found and delivered today – yeah!  I have clothes to wear and now two deodorants – one that I bought at a convenience store this morning.

I’ve learned a few things about humor teaching these Japanese pastors and leaders the past two days.  Yesterday I shared that I love practical jokes and shared one that I did (a fake wedding where the bride and groom came to the party and then found out that they were getting married to each other!).  I got a few obligatory smiles;  no laughs.  My second attempt at humor seemed to fail today.

This morning after I came into the room before class one of the men said to me, “Sensei (teacher) – I’m glad that you like jokes.  Please keep doing them.  I always include a good joke in all of my messages.”  So I honestly told him how I felt yesterday- that my attempts at humor had bombed.  He said, “Oh no, no.  We couldn’t laugh at you – it wouldn’t be polite.”  Another pastor who had joined in the conversation said, “That’s right.  Please tell us that it’s ok to laugh at your jokes ahead of time so that we know.”

It sort of takes the fun out of it all, but I guess if I want to use the humor thing I better do it their way.  “OK, everyone get ready to laugh!  I’m going to tell you something funny!…”


One thought on “Knock! knock!

  1. That’s cool to know about humour in Japan. I’ve read that jokes don’t work as ice breakers – but not that they CAN work if you give the audience permission to laugh first! Great insight!

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