Beauty: Second-Day Dash (#2)

On Sunday during our whirl-wind DC dash, we were able to play tour guide for our Japanese friend Hakase.  Hakase lives in Sanda and is part of the same house church that we are; his annual neuro-science conference this year was in Washington DC.

Hakase was overwhelmed with the size and the people at Fourth Presbyterian Church!  It was neat that he was able to be a part of worship and then the evening fellowship dinner.  Here he is with Eric as church was letting out.


After church, we took him on a whirlwind tour of downtown Washington DC.  Even though I’ve done this many times, I was impressed again with the beauty of this city. And then, when the Petersons hosted him on Saturday night, and then he hung out with the Shoultz family when we dropped him off Sunday afternoon…then Susan T. picked him up and took him shopping; and then her parents welcomed him at the church dinner; and then Lyn and Larry hosted him for the evening and got him to work the next day – wow!  the beauty of friendship.  We were pretty amazed.



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