Momma Always Said….

…there’ll be days like this!

Today has felt like a bad movie in the making:  leave at 6:30 am for the airport and discover halfway there I forgot my cell phone (can one EXIST for a day without one’s iphone?? It had my contact information for meeting the translator; the contact number and address where I was teaching and coming to stay tonight; the GPS to get me to those places; my phone to check in with Eric and email….It’s coming by mail service tomorrow); I lost my earring on the plane.  No big deal.

Meet my translator for lunch, worried because I had never received any emails of the handouts she was translating.  I assumed she had just sent them ahead to the seminary.  She had sent them only to me, but I never got them when our organization’s email server was down for several days last week.  Oops.

Teaching the course… my two opening “ice-breakers” broke absolutely nothing except my confidence.  They bombed.  absolutely.  Keep going.  I dive into the last one hour lecture around 4, confirm that the class goes until 5 and get panicked looks – they upped the schedule by half an hour from last time… it’s ending at 4:30.  I just went half through my lecture and ended.  (Catch up later?)

Get back finally around 6 pm to the place where I am staying and discover:  the suitcase I had shipped here by the ever-dependable Japanese shipping service (kuro-neko)  is not here.  Manage through the computer to skype a friend who happens to be online who is able to call Eric… he doesn’t know where the receipt is!   Our amazing friend Yasko goes to the store and gets a copy of the shipping receipt.  The shipping company is now searching for the lost bag…they said the tag got pulled off of the suitcase and they don’t know where it is…

But the cool thing about today – while I was on the plane feeling panicked about just the few morning incidents, the Lord brought to mind suddenly one of my favorite promises -Lamentations 3:22 – God’s steadfast love is new every morning and so is his faithfulness.  Even if I smell terrible tomorrow God’s love will be fresh for each of us.  My day does not need to depend on having my cell phone or a clean pair of clothes and pjs to sleep in.    Nor do I need to be overly worried about reactions in a Japanese crowd… I am really sure that God has set the agenda for us this week and that He is at work.  I’m looking forward to getting to know these amazing students who have given years and years of their lives in service of their Savior.  They have a lot to teach me.

Sooo.  will I be wearing the same sweaty outfit with  bad hair while teaching tomorrow?  Stay tuned…and pray that God will have His way in me and through me, even on days like this.


3 thoughts on “Momma Always Said….

  1. Obviously, with all this adversity from our adversary, the Lord must be about to do something rich and marvelous, beyond what we could ask for or imagine, through you and for His Kingdom this week. Can’t wait to hear how He faithfully blesses as you plod through the messes! In the meanwhile, will be praying!!

    • Praying and interceding for you! Praise God for the promises he has given you and for your determination to keep your heart and attitude right. May He continue to give you the strength and words that you need as you depend on Him and let Him work through you!

      Ps 138… the Lord will perfect those things that concern you, his lovingkindness endures forever, He forsakes not the work of His hands.

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