You’re teaching what??

Tomorrow I will be flying to Tokyo for five days to teach an intensive class in Leadership to a group of eighteen pastors and church lay leaders.  I have packed and shipped off my “teaching suits” (not my favorite part about all of this — it is still quite hot here and in Tokyo)… my lectures and handouts are all printed out… almost finished catching up on laundry and getting all the kids’ school items ironed and put into backpacks for the week ahead.  Now I just need to finish preparing my heart.

It is intimidating at times to teach these veteran Christian saints, most of whom are older than me with a lifetime experience in Japan.  But I trust God’s calling and thank Him for the wonderful training and preparation He has given me.  Last time I taught this class I was amazed and thankful for the vulnerability and sharing that happened by the end of the class, and pray that God’s spirit would again prepare and work in all of our hearts.   Often when I teach I find God does a great work in MY heart;  may it be the same this week.

Some have asked what it is that I actually teach for such classes.  Here are the lectures I have prepared for each day.  Every morning I will begin with a spiritual formation followed by 3 or 4 lectures… Here they are listed below (not in correct order; or there is a pdf schedule you can click on):

Servant Leadership 1: Jesus’ Four Leadership Models

Spiritual Formation: Pauline Leadership – Deep Processing

Destiny: A Key to understanding our Leadership Path

Servant Leadership 2: An Overview

Spiritual Formation: Pauline Leadership Openness & Honesty

Servant Leadership 3: Laws of the Teacher (Part I)

Servant Leadership 3: Laws of the Learner (Part II)

Spiritual Formation: Pauline Leadership & Word-centered Leadership

Servant Leadership 4: Mentoring

Leadership Transformation 1: Affirmation

Leadership Transformation 2: Understanding Boundaries & Transformation

Leadership Transformation 3: Unlocking Paradigm Shifts

Leadership Transformation 4: Understanding Life Purpose & Ministry Insights

Spiritual Formation: Paul’s Life Lessons & Finishing Well



We do appreciate your prayers.  It’s hard to leave my family;  and I know it will be a stretching week for Eric.  Thankful for the friends who have volunteered to help when he has other responsibilities!  We have also re-instituted Daddy Dollars –previous entry here– it’s a great way to get back into fall routine and the novelty of rewards/bribery/call it-what-you-will should give Eric a lot of help this week!  Loved seeing the kids so incredibly anxious to clear the table and clean the house tonight.  I hope my heart is just as eager to serve this week.


2 thoughts on “You’re teaching what??

  1. Susie: I’m SO excited for the teaching opportunity for you. I’m even more amazed you are doing in the midst of being Mommy to 4 under the age of 8. But that’s because they have an amazing Daddy. I will be praying for you all this week. I found out about the girls escaping at 4th church today. I ran into Susan Hawn at a Memorial service this afternoon and she told me about the girls “great escape.” You know I’m laughing and yes I do believe you have met your match with Annie. I pray so!!!!! Love to you all

  2. Praying for you and would appreciate your prayers that we will be able to return to Japan in the near future. God is able but right now he seems to be closing every door.
    You have stuff they need or God would not have given you the op. Be filled with the Spirit and may you be blessed to be a blessing!

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