The Unexpected Gift of Joy

My heart has felt like it has been in sad waiting mode while my body has had to keep quite busy entertaining, and being entertained by, our four children while Eric is in Utah.  When we pray for Daddy and Grandpa they are quite intent on the topic, but within a few minutes their minds and hearts have moved onto other things.  And I realize what a gift children are to us — how while bringing mess and chaos into my world  they also have a remarkable way of bringing unexpected joy into our sadness.

So here are two videos depicting joy that our children have brought this past week.  The first will make you at least smile! — Ian has a very contagious laugh.

“Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.”
Arnold Glasow

The second is from Annie’s dance recital dress rehearsal held last Saturday.  She has been working towards this for the past year — her first year of dancing — and we loved watching her up there!  She danced with utter abandon and no nervousness, unaware or uncaring of the four or five hundred people in the audience watching.  (You’ll see it’s still the rehearsal but its fun to watch anyway.  Annie is wearing yellow in the first dance; blue in the second.  She is usually over on the left side).


2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Gift of Joy

  1. Love, Love, Love this!!! It was a great joy to hear Ian laugh! One of my favorite things is to hear a baby just laugh hysterically! I can remember distinctly our own children doing that. I think I will have to play this daily to give myself a lift:) Watching Annie’s dance performance also brought back many memories. Sarah was in too many shows to count! How cute! Children live for the moment. If only adults could learn to do the same. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope the children have brought you joy during this very sad time. Love you!

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