Brief Update

We have so loved the emails sharing with us your prayers for Eric and our families at this time.  We appreciate it so much.  I have forwarded them on to Eric, and they have greatly encouraged him.

Eric made it safely to Salt Lake City — a bit tired, I think, with out a lot of sleep on the plane.  He spent the afternoon with his family in his Dad’s hospital room.  The neurologist met with them and said that the problems stemmed from a heart arythymia (sp?) that caused him to stop breathing and black out (thus the fall).  After an EEG, he has very little brain activity.

Thanks for continuing to pray for Eric and family, especially his mom.  She is a dear saint and I pray that the Lord draws near to her in special ways during these days.  Pray that Eric and his siblings can find collective wisdom in the decisions that need to be made.

Yesterday another sweet thing happened in the midst of our days without Eric…. our sunny day turned suddenly cloudy, and it started hailing.  Then it was sunny again. And then it started snowing!  And then sunny again!  And then hailing.  And sunny… At dusk, we had about an inch of big beautiful snow flakes.  Our children were fascinated all day by the weather.  We have had only had a bit  of snow in Sanda this year, so it was a wonderful distracting welcome to our day.


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