Homecoming Photos

I forgot to post the pictures of Ian Y. coming home for those who didn’t get our initial email.  Here are the kids waiting at the arrival gate — doing their best version of the jig in anticipation:

In our arms — thanks to Shirley who brought him up from Okinawa, and only had 5 minutes before she had to get back on a flight to take her back.

Owen’s first night with his little brother in his room — we have somehow managed to fit a pack-n-play into his room and they both are enjoying the company.

Update on fellowship of the Unashamed (see post below):  I am reading this every day.  This morning, I am struck by one simple phrase:  “my Guide reliable.”  There have been several hard/challenging events the past day or so that have driven me back to my Savior.  He has reminded me that I am safe in His arms;  I can trust Him.


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