A real, backwards birthday

Eric’s birthday was on Thursday.  It was a busy school, teaching, ministry day, right up until dinner time.  We went to a special Hawaiian-style hamburger restaurant with our friend Y., who is like family to us.  It was fun…


Before bedtime, all of us gave Eric a massage.  But then Owen said, “But when is Daddy’s REAL birthday?”  “It’s today, buddy.  That’s why we went to the restaurant and sang Happy Birthday.”  Annie:  “No, no.  When is the REAL birthday when people come over and we have cake?”

To our kids, the “real” birthday is the home party.  That was last night.  We always enjoy a family-style party with our nearby family… last night it was the Thomson family and Mary.  I called them in the morning and told them we were having a “backwards” party, and they needed to come somehow backwards.  This was how the Thomson family arrived:

IMG_2762Eric and Owen were waiting for them:

IMG_2756Everyone, and everything, was a little backwards.  So it meant we had to start with dessert first!  We sang happy birthday and brought out the cake.

IMG_2766The kids were thrilled… and then Eric cut the cake – and found it didn’t cut as easily as dessert should cut.

IMG_2775It was a meatloaf/mashed potato cake!  It was fun to surprise everyone but Annie, who helped me with the mashed potatoes earlier.

After “dessert,” we had to have… dinner!

IMG_2781IMG_2751Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes (icing, strawberry jam, ferrer rocher hazelnut chocolates).  The kids reactions were priceless.  But most of all, the whole night was a great time of relaxing and having fun — it was a REAL birthday.

And this weekend, here are 3 things that make me grateful for my husband:

1)  his amazing gift with children — especially ours.  This morning once again during our family worship time before house church he gave a riveting, pithy bible talk on the Tower of Babel.  This passage has never been riveting to me — but he managed to apply it to issues our kids have been dealing with of pride and wanting to be first.

2)  His love for nature and God’s creation.  Our friend Scott has gotten Eric into birdwatching, and he is often coming home, looking up a new bird in the birdbook, and remarking over its uniqueness.  Two weeks ago he led our missionary small group in a worship time– we each went outside, took digital photos of nature that caught our eye, and shared the photos through a cable on the tv.  It was a great time of worship as we were reminded again of God’s splendid imagination.  He points me to God through his love for what God has created.

3)  His humble, sincere desire to serve God.  He often brings perspective to what we are about here.  He serves in a way that is genuine, without guile or pretense.  I love that.  I love this man!  Happy 46th, Eric.  Here’s to looking forward.


5 thoughts on “A real, backwards birthday

  1. Wow! You both have such a great imagination. I love the cake and spaghetti and meatballs idea.
    !cirE yadhtriB yppaH
    (Happy Birthday Eric! spelled backwards)

    Love, The Masons

  2. What an awesome post! Reading it, it felt like we were there (you fooled me with the cake too!), but of course, we wish we could have actually been there with such dear (and amazingly creative) friends. Thomsons – I was staring at that picture of you for the longest time. Happy Birthday, Spielberg!

  3. enaiD, evoL
    !lla su ot noitaripsni nA .euS ,nuf dna evitaerc os era uoY
    !!meht laets ot evah yam I kniht I !SAEDI TAERG tahw ,woW

  4. I just read this, and Sue, you never cease to amaze me! I loved the backwards party idea (and the backwards comment). A very belated happy birthday to Eric. We could just say we got the month backwards!

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