Only in Japan: #10

Wow- I’ve had three in a row this week!

1)  We found this last week in a store that was finally carrying masks following the shortage created by the flu scare here.  Here is one I bought and dared Eric to wear out (as you’ll see, it’s still in the packaging – he didn’t take the dare.  Chicken.)

IMG_2690It’s a pink frilly mask that you can decorate with stickers, jewels, and all kinds of stuff.  Just what you need to cheer you up if you’re worried about getting swine flu.

2)  While the quarantine has been lifted and our kids are back at school, we continue to see reminders that Japan is more health-conscious (nice wording) than we are used to.  Here are 3 medical exams that I had to conduct on Annie this morning before she left for school:

IMG_2727The bottom yellow one is a form I need to fill out for Annie every morning – did she eat rice or bread for breakfast (circle one), and did she have a bowel movement yet (yes or no)? My Japanese mom friends can’t figure out why we need to do this either…

The pinkish paper is a follow up from the quarantine- we need to take our children’s temperatures every morning and record it, send it with them to school, where the teacher stamps it and returns it for the next day.  Just making sure no one is coming down with something…

The blue round one is an annual test that we need to do on our kids two days in a row by putting the sticky blue round part on (?) a certain part of their body to make sure they haven’t gotten worms in the sandbox.

Finally, 3)

Last night our family was out at a supermarket, and while I was checking out,  the kids (with Eric) were sitting outside eating ice cream.  When I came out, they were all cracking up.  Owen said, “Hey mom!  Look at what’s not allowed in the store!  No cameras.. no cigarettes…. and…

IMG_2712no bombs!  Phew.  Glad we know now.  Only in Japan.

(Try the two year anniversary quiz if you haven’t yet…here)


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