A Winner — or Two!

A fun set of chopsticks and holders are being sent to Sharon Ayabe of Kauai, Hawaii for being the fastest winner of our 2 year blog anniversary challenge quiz.  Nice job, Sharon– Thanks for your loyal friendship to us and reading this blog…

There is also a runner-up set of chopsticks being sent to Dan F. in Anoka, MN- he just sent in his answers – all correct — as I was getting ready to post this.  Thanks for your faithful readership (?) as well….

Here are the quiz questions and the answers, and links to the corresponding blog entries:

1.  When my friend N.’s pet died, it opened the door for ministry.  What kind of pet was it?  (Answer:  A parakeet.  Their family is trying to breed their parakeets right now to give Annie one as a surprise birthday present next month.  Stay tuned).

2.  What kitchen item represented growing friendship for me with Japanese women friends in our neighborhood?  (Correct answers:  Could be crockpots;  or silverware/spoons – with an entry here and here)

3.  What sign did God give me when we were camping that He will provide a new home for us? (We’re still waiting, but still trusting in His sweet promise!)  (Answer: a shooting star – it was awesome.  Owen and Annie both keep talking about looking for one the next time we go camping because they know how God came through two years ago)

4.  What food item birthday cake did I make for two friends’ birthdays because it is their favorite comfort food?  (Answer:  macaroni and cheese cake – one of the funnest cakes I’ve made to date).

5.  Where did Annie hide at Kindergarten her first month or so because she couldn’t understand what was going on?  (Answer:  the bathroom.  She seems to be doing better now- the teacher said that she’s loving their dance practices as their class gears up for a festival next month).

Thanks to all for your guesses, encouragement- for your friendship and partnership with our family.  Just writing these answers has made me stop and thank God for the wonderful ways He has been at work, in our midst, dwelling among us.


2 thoughts on “A Winner — or Two!

  1. Hey Sue,
    Why did you post a link about Minnie Driver’s baby shower? Was it because a $5,000 cake was mentioned? Maybe you could start a side business selling your cakes!

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